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Update: Kindle for Windows Phone 7 now available

First teased in October, the Amazon Kindle app for Windows Phone 7 is now available. But if you go to Amazon’s app website, it isn’t available yet. Hit this link to download.


The Amazon website for the Windows Phone 7 app is now live.

Press Release below:

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Amazon announces Kindle specific app for Android and Windows-based Tablets

Amazon announced that they are creating Kindle apps that will be  tailored specifically for Android and Windows-based tablets. Amazon specifically notes that these apps are intended for upcoming devices referring to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that kicks off tomorrow.

From Press Release:

Today, Amazon announced that Kindle apps will also be tailored specifically for Android and Windows based tablets to enable customers to access the Kindle Store, and with it the largest selection of the books people want to read.  Like all Kindle apps, the new Kindle apps built for Android and Windows tablet computers will let customers “Buy Once, Read Everywhere”—on Kindle, Kindle 3G, Kindle DX, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac, PC, BlackBerry, and Android-based devices. For more information about the free Kindle apps, go to

Full Press Release Below:

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Microsoft does have a sense of humor

This video celebrates the “release to manufacturing” of Office for Mac 2011, but with a few humorous “unreleased” features they weren’t able to squeeze into the new version.

Microsoft celebrates Windows Phone 7 RTM with funeral parade for BlackBerry and iPhone and Thriller video

Microsoft has held a parade {pictures} in celebration of Windows Phone 7 hitting RTM status. This parade was also a funeral for the iPhone and Blackberry since Windows Phone 7 will surely overtake Apple and Blackberry. IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE, MICROSOFT.

And apparently the Windows team also danced to tune of Thriller.

Apple Updates MobileMe Control Panel for Windows

Apple today announced an update to its MobileMe Control Panel for Windows, bringing enhanced integration between Microsoft Outlook and Apple’s MobileMe Calendar beta.

The new MobileMe Control Panel 1.6.2 provides push calendar updates and support for proxy servers when using the MobileMe Calendar beta with Microsoft Outlook. In addition, you can now upload your personal Outlook calendars to MobileMe to keep them in sync across, your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and PC.

The update weighs in at 5.58 MB and requires an up-to-date installation of Windows 7, Vista, or XP.

Office for Mac 2011 coming October 26th according to Amazon

Office for Mac 2011 will launch at $99, $119, or $199 depending on which when you purchase. The productivity suite offers new themes, a re-designed interface, better collaboration tools, and improved Windows compatibility.

Microsoft Touts Co-Authoring, Scheduling Assistant, and Broadcast Slideshow in Office for Mac 2011

Microsoft has posted a behind-the-scenes look at several new features in the company’s forthcoming Office for Mac 2011. The new features include:

  • Co-Authoring: Using SkyDrive or SharePoint cloud storage, Office for Mac 2011 allows multiple authors to edit documents at the same time. And with Office Web apps, even users without Office installed on the computer can participate in the editing process.
  • Scheduling Assistant: In-line calendaring in the mail portion of Outlook simplifies scheduling of meetings and other events, integrating communication channels with calendars.
  • Broadcast Slideshow: Allows users to share PowerPoint presentations over the Internet in real-time, even with users without PowerPoint installed on their computers. Remote users can watch live while the present runs through their presentation.

Office for Mac 2011 is slated for release late next month.

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