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So, Twitter is down… (back up)

So, Twitter is down. Follow its current status at And it’s back.


Site News. 3,000+.

Thanks to all of you I have reached over 3000 page views. So much for 1000 views in 2 months.

I would like to thank you all and if you any suggestions on improving the site please leave a comment below.

Site News. 500.


As of today, Technacity has reached over 500 views in a two month period.

Every day the number of views increase, especially in the last two weeks. In the past week, I had written my 200th post. As of today there are 214 posts.

I have decided to expand the website’s news coverage to several topics besides Apple including Google, Adobe, and Microsoft.

I would like to thank you all and if you any suggestions on improving the site please leave a comment below.

Future Plans

I plan to have 1000 views in two months and have around 1500 views by the new year.

Final words

As always thank you for reading and I hope that you will keep reading, Technacity.

I haven’t done this in a while but, from time to time I put interesting stuff from YouTube (not always tech related). Link. It’s a song about the BP Oil Spill. It’s rather moving and touching.

iPod rumor round-up

iPod Shuffle/ Classic = There hasn’t been any news or rumors about the iPod shuffle/ classic. These products are long overdue for a refresh but unlikely.

iPod Nano = The basic rumor for the nano has been that it would be in the shape of a square. There would probably be a square 3cm x 3cm touchscreen. According to AppleInsider, despite the small size it will keep the Apple dock connector.

iPod Touch = Despite popular belief that the touch will look like the iPhone 4. But according to a recent article, it will look more like the original iPod touch with some design tweaks. According to third party cases, it will have a back camera and either a flash or a microphone. It’s unknown whether it will have a front facing camera.

Apple TV = According to the rumors, it will be called the iTV. And this got the Brits running iTV, mad. According to Engadget, it will look like the iPhone, have 8 GB of internal memory, and will obviously cloud based. And cost only $99. There are multiple rumors that it will have $1 rentals.

I’ll update if I hear more. Only 4 days left people.

Weekly Tech Review for 8/2

All things Apple:

  • Apple removed Antenna Performance Comparison From Site.
  • Office 2011 for Mac arriving this October with cheaper prices.
  • Safari-based Jailbreak released for iOS devices. Gets blocked from Apple Stores after pranks.
  • PDF hole found in iOS. Unofficial fix found though Cydia.
  • Several iPod and iPad rumors.
  • Convent Garden Apple Store opens.
  • Steve Jobs tries to get pizza but turned away.

Other tech stuff that happened this week:

  • Blackberry Torch released without the fire.

Site News:

My website has reached 301 views so thanks to all of you. 200% increase!

Minor News Round-up 4

The Attorney General for the State of Connecticut has launched an investigation into the eBook market, targeting Apple and Amazon for deals they are striking with publishers to ensure favorable pricing. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal argues that the deals prevent other marketplaces from offering even lower prices, hampering competition.

Fortune reports on a new research report from Deutsche Bank, which shows that if the iPad were to be categorized as a portable computer along with netbooks and notebooks, Apple would have held the third highest share of global portable computer sales for the second quarter of this year behind HP and Lenovo. Apple’s jump was driven by strong growth in its existing portables combined with a tremendous launch quarter for the iPad.

AppleInsider has discovered that Apple’s iPad management profile policies available to corporate users include the capability to disable use of its camera, providing evidence of future intent to include a camera on upcoming models.

iPad camera policy

BlackBerry users are running out of loyalty with 50 percent plan to defect to iPhone or Android. The defectors are pretty evenly split, with 29 percent planning to go iPhone, and 21 percent to go Android.

Minor News Round-up 3

Fortune Magazine comes to iPad. (Nice First Issue)

iPhone 4 launches across the globe in 17 countries. Still no word on iPhone 4 in South Korea. Meanwhile the iPhone 4 launch is New Zealand was a mess.

Apple will begin taking orders on August 9th, it is not yet confirmed that machines will actually begin shipping on that date. Representatives have claimed, however, that the August 9th date will be for actual orders and not for a pre-order program, suggesting that orders should begin shipping fairly soon after that date.

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