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Parallels between iPhone 4/Gizmodo scandal and Secrets by OneRepublic

I first heard Secrets by OneRepublic on last Thursday’s episode of 30 Rock. But for some reason it sounds so familiar, well the songs sans the lyrics. Then it hit me: The song (sans lyrics) was used in the iPhone 4 Product Video (above). That got me thinking the similarities between the song and the iPhone 4/Gizmodo scandal.

Well the message of the song in my opinion is somebody facing problems.

So I’m gonna give all my secrets away.

If you think about that lyric from the song you will remember that the iPhone 4 was basically ripped apart by Gizmodo, with the majority of specs being revealed.

Don’t care if critics never jump in line.

That line can be foreseen as Consumer Reports not recommending the iPhone 4 due to Antennagate.

And everyday I see the news. All the problems that we could solve.

That can be seen as Android’s flaws and how the iPhone could fix them all (this one is rather far fetched).

Got no family I can blame.

Since this was a redesign, it would of been close to impossible to see the antenna flaw.

I do remember reading a while back that Steve Jobs himself, selects the music for Ads.

What can I say… I’m a fanboy and had nothing better to do.


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